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2019.8.20 Tue      LOGOS TODAY      2 Kings 22.18   

야훼께 문의하라고 여러분을 보낸 유다 왕에게 가서 이렇게 전하시오. '이스라엘의 하느님 나 야훼가 선언한다. 너는 나의 말을 들였다. 공동번역
But to the king of Juda, who sent you to consult the Lord, thus shall you say: Thus saith the Lord, the God of Israel: for as much as thou hast heard the words of the book, Douay-Rheims
But to the king of Judah which sent you to enquire of the LORD, thus shall ye say to him, Thus saith the LORD God of Israel, As touching the words which thou hast heard; King James
Mais vous direz au roi de Juda, qui vous a envoyés pour consulter l'Éternel: Ainsi parle l'Éternel, le Dieu d'Israël, au sujet des paroles que tu as entendues Louis Second
Aber dem Könige Judas, der euch gesandt hat, den HErrn zu fragen, sollt ihr so sagen: So spricht der HErr, der GOtt Israels: Martin Luther
regi autem Iuda qui misit vos ut consuleretis Dominum sic dicetis haec dicit Dominus Deus Israhel pro eo quod audisti verba voluminis Vulgate

Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary

autem : but, on the other hand, however, moreover, also.
qui : quae : que : quod : which, what, that.
qui : (masc. pl. nom.) Let THOSE (men) WHO have eyes to see..
qui : (masc. neut. nom.) (the prince) WHO loved a milkmaid.
qui : (question) how? in what way? / somehow / wherewith.
vos : you (pl) /YOU can't catch me, i'm the gingerbread man.
vos : (acc.) you (pl) /I'll fight YOU all, then; bring me giants!.
ut : (+ subj.) (result) so that, that.
ut : (+ subj.) (purpose) in order that, to, that.
ut : (+ indic.) when, as.
ut : (+ subj.) (command) to, that.
sic : so, thus /yes, that is so, that is right.
dominus : lord, master.
deus : god.
pro : (+ abl.) in front of, before /on behalf of, for.
pro : (+ abl.) in return for, instead of /for, as.
eo : to advance, march on, go, leave.
quod : (neut. sing. acc.) (the sea), WHICH you cannot drink dry.
quod : (+ comparative) the x the better (quod celior = the faster the.
quod : (beginning sentence) and, but, now.
quod : (neut. sing. nom.) (the war), WHICH killed so many.
quod : (with time) since, as far as, to the extent that.
quod : because, whereas, the point that, the fact that.

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