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For yourselves know, brethren, our entrance in unto you, that it was not in vain:
King James
For yourselves, brethren, know our entrance in unto you, that it was not in vain:
Louis Second
Vous savez vous-mêmes, frères, que notre arrivée chez vous n'a pas été sans résultat
Martin Luther
Denn auch ihr wisset, liebe Brüder, von unserm Eingange zu euch, daß er nicht vergeblich gewesen ist,
nam ipsi scitis fratres introitum nostrum ad vos quia non inanis fuit

Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary

nam : conj, for, for example, instance.
nam : but now, on the other hand /surely, for it is certain.
nam : namque : (conj.) for /for example, for instance.
nam : but now, certainly.
nam : for.
vos : you (pl) /YOU can't catch me, i'm the gingerbread man.
vos : (acc.) you (pl) /I'll fight YOU all, then; bring me giants!.
quia : because.
non : not.
inanis : empty, vain, inane.
inanis : useless.