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Whatsoever a person toucheth who is unclean, he shall make it unclean: and the person that toucheth any of these things, shall be unclean until the evening.
King James
And whatsoever the unclean person toucheth shall be unclean; and the soul that toucheth it shall be unclean until even.
Louis Second
Tout ce que touchera celui qui est impur sera souillé, et la personne qui le touchera sera impure jusqu'au soir
Martin Luther
Und alles, was er anrühret, wird unrein werden, und welche Seele er anrühren wird, soll unrein sein bis an den Abend.
quicquid tetigerit inmundus inmundum faciet et anima quae horum quippiam tetigerit inmunda erit usque ad vesperum

Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary

quicquid : whoever, whatever, whatsoever, anything at all.
anima : life, soul.
quae : (neut. plur. nom.) WHAT cannot be avoided must be endured.
quae : (neut. pl. acc.) those things WHICH we must have.
quae : (fem. pl. nom.) Let THOSE (women) WHO have ears to hear .
horum : (masc. plur. gen.) The horses OF THESE (soldiers) are spent.
horum : (neut. plur. gen) The cattle OF THESE (monsters) were fat.
usque : all the way, up (to), even (to).