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2018.5.23 Wed      LOGOS TODAY      John 14.19   

이제 조금만 지나면 세상은 나를 보지 못하게 되겠지만 내가 살아 있고 너희도 살아 있을 터이니 너희는 나를 보게 될 것이다. 공동번역
Yet a little while and the world seeth me no more. But you see me: because I live, and you shall live. Douay-Rheims
<Yet a little while, and the world seeth me no more; but ye see me: because I live, ye shall live also.> King James
Encore un peu de temps, et le monde ne me verra plus; mais vous, vous me verrez, car je vis, et vous vivrez aussi Louis Second
Es ist noch um ein kleines, so wird mich die Welt nicht mehr sehen; ihr aber sollt mich sehen: denn ich lebe, und ihr sollt auch leben. Martin Luther
adhuc modicum et mundus me iam non videt vos autem videtis me quia ego vivo et vos vivetis Vulgate

Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary

adhuc : till then, till now, still, even now, besides, also, yet.
mundus : world, universe.
mundus : clean, neat, elegant.
me : (abl.) me /you'll do fine with ME, baby.
me : (acc.) me /that old black magic has ME in its spell.
iam : moreover, henceforth, indeed, just, further.
iam : now, by now, already/ presently, immediately, soon.
non : not.
vos : you (pl) /YOU can't catch me, i'm the gingerbread man.
vos : (acc.) you (pl) /I'll fight YOU all, then; bring me giants!.
autem : but, on the other hand, however, moreover, also.
quia : because.
ego : I, self.
vivo : to live, to sustain, support life.

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