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1 Chronicles    Chapter 26   ( 29 Chapters )    Verse 15   ( 32 Verses )    1 Chroniques    역대기上    old

And to Obededom and his sons that towards the south: in which part of the house was the council of the ancients.
King James
To Obededom southward; and to his sons the house of Asuppim.
Louis Second
Le côté du midi échut à Obed Édom, et la maison des magasins à ses fils
Martin Luther
Obed-Edom aber gegen Mittag und seinen Söhnen bei dem Hause Esupim.
Obededom vero et filiis eius ad austrum in qua parte domus erat seniorum concilium

Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary

vero : in truth, indeed, to be sure /however.
in : (+ acc.) into, toward, against.
in : (+ abl.) in.
qua : (fem. sing. abl.) (the abbess) BY WHOM she was advised.
qua : (adv.) by which route, where.
domus : house, home, residence.
domus : household, house, abode.
concilium : council.
concilium : conciliation.