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1 Corinthians    Chapter 16   ( 16 Chapters )    Verse 3   ( 24 Verses )    1 Corinthiens    고린토전서    new

And when I shall be with you, whomsoever you shall approve by letters, them will I send to carry your grace to Jerusalem.
King James
And when I come, whomsoever ye shall approve by your letters, them will I send to bring your liberality unto Jerusalem.
Louis Second
Et quand je serai venu, j'enverrai avec des lettres, pour porter vos libéralités à Jérusalem, les personnes que vous aurez approuvées
Martin Luther
Wenn ich aber darkommen bin, welche ihr durch Briefe dafür ansehet, die will ich senden, daß sie hinbringen eure Wohltat gen Jerusalem.
cum autem praesens fuero quos probaveritis per epistulas hos mittam perferre gratiam vestram in Hierusalem

Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary

cum : (with indicative) when.
cum : (prep + abl.) with.
cum : (with subjunctive) when, as, while, since, although.
autem : but, on the other hand, however, moreover, also.
quos : (masc. pl. acc.) those WHOM he accused of treachery.
per : (prefix to an adjective) very, excessively, quite.
per : (+ acc.) (of time) throughout, during, in the course of.
per : (+ acc.) (of space) through, along, over / in the presence of.
per : (+ acc.) (cause) because of, on account of.
per : (+ acc.) (means/instrument) through, with, by, by means of.
hos : (masc. plur. acc.) They burned THESE (houses) to the ground.
in : (+ acc.) into, toward, against.
in : (+ abl.) in.