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2 Chronicles    Chapter 35   ( 36 Chapters )    Verse 21   ( 27 Verses )    2 Chroniques    역대기下    old

But he sent messengers to him, saying: What have I to do with thee, O king of Juda? I come not against thee this day, but I fight against another house, to which God hath commanded me to go in haste: forbear to do against God, who is with me, lest he kill thee.
King James
But he sent ambassadors to him, saying, What have I to do with thee, thou king of Judah? I come not against thee this day, but against the house wherewith I have war: for God commanded me to make haste: forbear thee from meddling with God, who is with me, that he destroy thee not.
Louis Second
et Néco lui envoya des messagers pour dire: Qu'y a-t-il entre moi et toi, roi de Juda? Ce n'est pas contre toi que je viens aujourd'hui; c'est contre une maison avec laquelle je suis en guerre. Et Dieu m'a dit de me hâter. Ne t'oppose pas à Dieu, qui est avec moi, de peur qu'il ne te détruise
Martin Luther
Aber er sandte Boten zu ihm und ließ ihm sagen: Was habe ich mit dir zu tun, König Judas? Ich komme jetzt nicht wider dich, sondern ich streite wider ein Haus, und GOtt hat gesagt, ich soll eilen. Höre auf von GOtt, der mit mir ist, daß er dich nicht verderbe!
at ille missis ad eum nuntiis ait quid mihi et tibi est rex Iuda non adversum te hodie venio sed contra aliam pugno domum ad quam me Deus festinato ire praecepit desine adversum Deum facere qui mecum est ne interficiat te

Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary

at : (conj.) but. (more emphatic and emotional than sed).
ille : (masc. nom. sing.) THAT (house) is filthy.
ait : he says.
quid : (question) what (thing)?.
quid : (+ genitive) how much? how many?.
mihi : (dat.) me /give ME land, lots of land.
tibi : (dat.) you /i can't give YOU anything but love, baby.
non : not.
adversum : adversity.
te : (acc.) you /i got YOU, babe.
te : (abl.) you /no one's sweeter than YOU.
hodie : today.
venio : to get into a certain state, to fall into.
venio : to come /happen, come about, come to pass /arise.
sed : but/ and indeed, what is more.
contra : (+ acc.) against.
pugno : to fight.
quam : (fem. sing. acc.) (the church), WHICH the Lord loved.
quam : (adv. and conj.) how, than, as .. as possible.
me : (abl.) me /you'll do fine with ME, baby.
me : (acc.) me /that old black magic has ME in its spell.
deus : god.
qui : quae : que : quod : which, what, that.
qui : (masc. pl. nom.) Let THOSE (men) WHO have eyes to see..
qui : (masc. neut. nom.) (the prince) WHO loved a milkmaid.
qui : (question) how? in what way? / somehow / wherewith.
ne : (conj.) that .. not, in order that .. not, in order not to.