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Amos    Chapter 5   ( 9 Chapters )    Verse 22   ( 27 Verses )    Amos    아모스    old

And if you offer me holocausts, and your gifts, I will not receive them: neither will I regard the vows of your fat beasts.
King James
Though ye offer me burnt offerings and your meat offerings, I will not accept them: neither will I regard the peace offerings of your fat beasts.
Louis Second
Quand vous me présentez des holocaustes et des offrandes, Je n'y prends aucun plaisir; Et les veaux engraissés que vous sacrifiez en actions de grâces, Je ne les regarde pas
Martin Luther
Und ob ihr mir gleich Brandopfer und Speisopfer opfert, so hab ich keinen Gefallen daran; so mag ich auch eure feisten Dankopfer nicht ansehen.
quod si adtuleritis mihi holocaustomata et munera vestra non suscipiam et vota pinguium vestrorum non respiciam

Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary

quod : (neut. sing. acc.) (the sea), WHICH you cannot drink dry.
quod : (+ comparative) the x the better (quod celior = the faster the.
quod : (beginning sentence) and, but, now.
quod : (neut. sing. nom.) (the war), WHICH killed so many.
quod : (with time) since, as far as, to the extent that.
quod : because, whereas, the point that, the fact that.
si : if.
mihi : (dat.) me /give ME land, lots of land.
non : not.
vota : vows, wishes.