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Isaiah    Chapter 12   ( 66 Chapters )    Verse 2   ( 6 Verses )    Esaïe    이사야    old

Behold, God is my saviour, I will deal confidently, and will not fear: because the Lord is my strength, and my praise, and he is become my salvation.
King James
Behold, God is my salvation; I will trust, and not be afraid: for the LORD JEHOVAH is my strength and my song; he also is become my salvation.
Louis Second
Voici, Dieu est ma délivrance, Je serai plein de confiance, et je ne craindrai rien; Car l'Éternel, l'Éternel est ma force et le sujet de mes louanges; C'est lui qui m'a sauvé
Martin Luther
Siehe GOtt ist mein Heil; ich bin sicher und fürchte mich nicht; denn GOtt der HErr ist meine Stärke und mein Psalm und ist mein Heil.
ecce Deus salvator meus fiducialiter agam et non timebo quia fortitudo mea et laus mea Dominus Deus et factus est mihi in salutem

Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary

ecce : Lo! Behold! See!.
deus : god.
meus : my.
fiducialiter : confidently.
non : not.
quia : because.
fortitudo : physical strength, courage, moral bravery.
fortitudo : courage.
laus : praise, glory, fame.
dominus : lord, master.
mihi : (dat.) me /give ME land, lots of land.
in : (+ acc.) into, toward, against.
in : (+ abl.) in.