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And he said to them: What you shall see me do, do you the same: I will go into one part of the camp, and do you as I shall do.
King James
And he said unto them, Look on me, and do likewise: and, behold, when I come to the outside of the camp, it shall be that, as I do, so shall ye do.
Louis Second
Il leur dit: Vous me regarderez et vous ferez comme moi. Dès que j'aborderai le camp, vous ferez ce que je ferai
Martin Luther
Und sprach zu ihnen: Sehet auf mich und tut auch also; und siehe, wenn ich an den Ort des Heers komme: wie ich tue, so tut ihr auch.
et dixit ad eos quod me facere videritis hoc facite ingrediar partem castrorum et quod fecero sectamini

Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary

quod : (neut. sing. acc.) (the sea), WHICH you cannot drink dry.
quod : (+ comparative) the x the better (quod celior = the faster the.
quod : (beginning sentence) and, but, now.
quod : (neut. sing. nom.) (the war), WHICH killed so many.
quod : (with time) since, as far as, to the extent that.
quod : because, whereas, the point that, the fact that.
me : (abl.) me /you'll do fine with ME, baby.
me : (acc.) me /that old black magic has ME in its spell.
hoc : (neut. sing. acc.) Break THIS! (fetter).
hoc : (neut. sing. nom.) THIS (monastery) is well-built.
hoc : (neut. sing. abl.) Do not hesistate BECAUSE OF THIS! (doubt).
hoc : (masc. sing. abl.) He gave plenty FOR THIS (field).