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These therefore came to Philip, who was of Bethsaida of Galilee, and desired him, saying: Sir, we would see Jesus.
King James
The same came therefore to Philip, which was of Bethsaida of Galilee, and desired him, saying, Sir, we would see Jesus.
Louis Second
s'adressèrent à Philippe, de Bethsaïda en Galilée, et lui dirent avec instance: Seigneur, nous voudrions voir Jésus
Martin Luther
Die traten zu Philippus, der von Bethsaida aus Galiläa war, baten ihn und sprachen: Herr, wir wollten JEsum gerne sehen.
hii ergo accesserunt ad Philippum qui erat a Bethsaida Galilaeae et rogabant eum dicentes domine volumus Iesum videre

Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary

ergo : (gen. +) on account of, because of.
ergo : (adv.) accordingly, then, therefore.
qui : quae : que : quod : which, what, that.
qui : (masc. pl. nom.) Let THOSE (men) WHO have eyes to see..
qui : (masc. neut. nom.) (the prince) WHO loved a milkmaid.
qui : (question) how? in what way? / somehow / wherewith.