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John    Chapter 4   ( 21 Chapters )    Verse 27   ( 53 Verses )    Jean    요한복음    new

And immediately his disciples came. And they wondered that he talked with the woman. Yet no man said: What seekest thou? Or: Why talkest thou with her?
King James
And upon this came his disciples, and marvelled that he talked with the woman: yet no man said, What seekest thou? or, Why talkest thou with her?
Louis Second
Là-dessus arrivèrent ses disciples, qui furent étonnés de ce qu'il parlait avec une femme. Toutefois aucun ne dit: Que demandes-tu? ou: De quoi parles-tu avec elle
Martin Luther
Und über dem kamen seine Jünger, und es nahm sie wunder, daß er mit dem Weibe redete? Doch sprach niemand: Was fragest du? oder: Was redest du mit ihr?
et continuo venerunt discipuli eius et mirabantur quia cum muliere loquebatur nemo tamen dixit quid quaeris aut quid loqueris cum ea

Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary

continuo : forthwith, without delay.
continuo : to join (together), to be after.
continuo : (adv.) immediately, at once.
quia : because.
cum : (with indicative) when.
cum : (prep + abl.) with.
cum : (with subjunctive) when, as, while, since, although.
nemo : no one, nobody.
tamen : nothwithstanding, nevertheless, yet, still, for all that.
tamen : however, but.
quid : (question) what (thing)?.
quid : (+ genitive) how much? how many?.