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Leviticus    Chapter 21   ( 27 Chapters )    Verse 11   ( 24 Verses )    Lévitique    레위기    old

Nor shall he go in at all to any dead person: not even for his father, or his mother, shall he be defiled.
King James
Neither shall he go in to any dead body, nor defile himself for his father, or for his mother;
Louis Second
Il n'ira vers aucun mort, il ne se rendra point impur, ni pour son père, ni pour sa mère
Martin Luther
und soll zu keinem Toten kommen und soll sich weder über Vater noch über Mutter verunreinigen.
et ad omnem mortuum non ingredietur omnino super patre quoque suo et matre non contaminabitur

Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary

non : not.
omnino : altogether, entirely, wholly, certainly, completely.
super : (prep.) (+ abl.) over, above /concerning, about, besides.
super : (adv.) over, above, besides, beyond, moreover, remaining.
quoque : also, too.
suo : to stitch, join.