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Matthew    Chapter 22   ( 28 Chapters )    Verse 19   ( 46 Verses )    Matthieu    마태오복음    new

Shew me the coin of the tribute. And they offered him a penny.
King James
<Shew me the tribute money.> And they brought unto him a penny.
Louis Second
Montrez-moi la monnaie avec laquelle on paie le tribut
Martin Luther
Weiset mir die Zinsmünze! Und sie reichten ihm einen Groschen dar.
ostendite mihi nomisma census at illi obtulerunt ei denarium

Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary

mihi : (dat.) me /give ME land, lots of land.
census : -us/ wealth, property /census.
census : gifts, tax, annual render.
at : (conj.) but. (more emphatic and emotional than sed).
illi : (neut sing. dat.) i'd give my right arm FOR THOSE (cookies).
illi : (masc. sing. dat.) He sent FOR THAT (doctor).
illi : (masc. plur. nom.) THOSE (men) are loyal to the king.
illi : (fem sing. dat.) There is a statue IN THAT (abbey).