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Hear, all ye people: and let the earth give ear, and all that is therein: and let the Lord God be a witness to you, the Lord from his holy temple.
King James
Hear, all ye people; hearken, O earth, and all that therein is: and let the Lord GOD be witness against you, the Lord from his holy temple.
Louis Second
Écoutez, vous tous, peuples! Sois attentive, terre, et ce qui est en toi! Que le Seigneur, l'Éternel, soit témoin contre vous, Le Seigneur qui est dans le palais de sa sainteté
Martin Luther
Höret, alle Völker, merke auf, Land, und alles, was drinnen ist! Denn GOtt der HErr hat mit euch zu reden, ja, der HErr aus seinem heiligen Tempel!
audite populi omnes et adtendat terra et plenitudo eius et sit Dominus Deus vobis in testem Dominus de templo sancto suo

Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary

populi : people.
terra : earth, ground, land, country, soil.
dominus : lord, master.
deus : god.
vobis : (dat.) you /i'm talkin' to YOU, yeah, talkin' 'bout Cindy.
vobis : (abl.) you /who knows more than YOU? i do!.
in : (+ acc.) into, toward, against.
in : (+ abl.) in.
de : (prep. + abl.) down from, from, concerning, about.
suo : to stitch, join.