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Micah    Chapter 6   ( 7 Chapters )    Verse 4   ( 16 Verses )    Michée    미가    old

For I brought thee up out of the land of Egypt, and delivered thee out of the house of slaves: and I sent before thy face Moses, and Aaron, and Mary.
King James
For I brought thee up out of the land of Egypt, and redeemed thee out of the house of servants; and I sent before thee Moses, Aaron, and Miriam.
Louis Second
Car je t'ai fait monter du pays d'Égypte, Je t'ai délivré de la maison de servitude, Et j'ai envoyé devant toi Moïse, Aaron et Marie
Martin Luther
Hab ich dich doch aus Ägyptenland geführet und aus dem Diensthause erlöset und vor dir hergesandt Mose, Aaron und Mirjam.
quia eduxi te de terra Aegypti et de domo servientium liberavi te et misi ante faciem tuam Mosen et Aaron et Mariam

Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary

quia : because.
te : (acc.) you /i got YOU, babe.
te : (abl.) you /no one's sweeter than YOU.
de : (prep. + abl.) down from, from, concerning, about.
terra : earth, ground, land, country, soil.
ante : (prep. + acc.) before/ in front of/ (adv.) before, previously.