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He also that hath burned her, shall wash his garments, and his body, and shall be unclean until the evening.
King James
And he that burneth her shall wash his clothes in water, and bathe his flesh in water, and shall be unclean until the even.
Louis Second
Celui qui aura brûlé la vache lavera ses vêtements dans l'eau, et lavera son corps dans l'eau; et il sera impur jusqu'au soir
Martin Luther
Und der sie verbrannt hat, soll auch seine Kleider mit Wasser waschen und seinen Leib in Wasser baden und unrein sein bis an den Abend.
sed et ille qui conbuserit eam lavabit vestimenta sua et corpus et inmundus erit usque ad vesperam

Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary

sed : but/ and indeed, what is more.
ille : (masc. nom. sing.) THAT (house) is filthy.
qui : quae : que : quod : which, what, that.
qui : (masc. pl. nom.) Let THOSE (men) WHO have eyes to see..
qui : (masc. neut. nom.) (the prince) WHO loved a milkmaid.
qui : (question) how? in what way? / somehow / wherewith.
corpus : corporis : body, corpse.
usque : all the way, up (to), even (to).