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Psalms    Chapter 42   ( 150 Chapters )    Verse 5   ( 11 Verses )    Psaumes    시편    old

Why art thou sad, O my soul? and why dost thou trouble me? Hope in God, for I will still give praise to him: the salvation of my countenance,
King James
Why art thou cast down, O my soul? and why art thou disquieted in me? hope thou in God: for I shall yet praise him for the help of his countenance.
Louis Second
(42:6) Pourquoi t'abats-tu, mon âme, et gémis-tu au dedans de moi? Espère en Dieu, car je le louerai encore; Il est mon salut et mon Dieu
Martin Luther
Was betrübest du dich, meine Seele, und bist so unruhig in mir? Harre auf GOtt; denn ich werde ihm noch danken, daß er mir hilft mit seinem Angesicht.
quare incurvaris anima mea et quare conturbas me expecta Dominum quoniam adhuc confitebor ei salutibus vultus mei et Deo

Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary

quare : wherefore, why, because of which thing.
anima : life, soul.
me : (abl.) me /you'll do fine with ME, baby.
me : (acc.) me /that old black magic has ME in its spell.
quoniam : since, whereas, because.
adhuc : till then, till now, still, even now, besides, also, yet.
vultus : expression of the face, countenance, look, aspect.
vultus : a face, appearance, shape, form.
mei : my, mine /MY heart belongs to daddy. that old gang of MINE.