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Behold, I come quickly: and my reward is with me, to render to every, man according to his works.
King James
And, behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be.
Louis Second
Voici, je viens bientôt, et ma rétribution est avec moi, pour rendre à chacun selon ce qu'est son oeuvre
Martin Luther
Und siehe, ich komme bald und mein Lohn mit mir, zu geben einem jeglichen, wie seine Werke sein werden.
ecce venio cito et merces mea mecum est reddere unicuique secundum opera sua

Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary

ecce : Lo! Behold! See!.
venio : to get into a certain state, to fall into.
venio : to come /happen, come about, come to pass /arise.
cito : to be moved, aroused.
cito : quickly, rapidly, speedily.
cito : to put into quick motion, quickened.
secundum : accordingly, in an accordance with.
secundum : (adv.) after, behind.
secundum : (+ inf.), following, after, during, according to.
opera : work, pains, labor. * operam do to lavish care upon.