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For scarce for a just man will one die: yet perhaps for a good man some one would dare to die.
King James
For scarcely for a righteous man will one die: yet peradventure for a good man some would even dare to die.
Louis Second
A peine mourrait-on pour un juste; quelqu'un peut-être mourrait-il pour un homme de bien
Martin Luther
Nun stirbt kaum jemand um des Rechtes willen; um etwas Gutes willen dürfte vielleicht jemand sterben.
vix enim pro iusto quis moritur nam pro bono forsitan quis et audeat mori

Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary

vix : scarcely, hardly, with difficulty, barely.
enim : in fact, truly, indeed.
enim : for, in fact, truly (may often be omitted).
pro : (+ abl.) in front of, before /on behalf of, for.
pro : (+ abl.) in return for, instead of /for, as.
quis : (question) who?, what?, which?.
quis : anyone, anybody, anything.
nam : conj, for, for example, instance.
nam : but now, on the other hand /surely, for it is certain.
nam : namque : (conj.) for /for example, for instance.
nam : but now, certainly.
nam : for.