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2019.4.24 Wed      LOGOS TODAY      Genesis 38.8   

유다는 오난에게 이르기를 형수에게 장가들어 시동생으로서 할 일을 하여 형의 후손을 남기라고 하였다. 공동번역
Juda, therefore, said to Onan his son: Go in to thy brother's wife and marry her, that thou mayst raise seed to thy brother. Douay-Rheims
And Judah said unto Onan, Go in unto thy brother's wife, and marry her, and raise up seed to thy brother. King James
Alors Juda dit à Onan: Va vers la femme de ton frère, prends-la, comme beau-frère, et suscite une postérité à ton frère Louis Second
Da sprach Juda zu Onan: Lege dich zu deines Bruders Weib und nimm sie zur Ehe, daß du deinem Bruder Samen erweckest. Martin Luther
dixit ergo Iudas ad Onam filium suum ingredere ad uxorem fratris tui et sociare illi ut suscites semen fratri tuo Vulgate

Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary

ergo : (gen. +) on account of, because of.
ergo : (adv.) accordingly, then, therefore.
tui : your, yours /I read YOUR letter that said, dear john.
illi : (neut sing. dat.) i'd give my right arm FOR THOSE (cookies).
illi : (masc. sing. dat.) He sent FOR THAT (doctor).
illi : (masc. plur. nom.) THOSE (men) are loyal to the king.
illi : (fem sing. dat.) There is a statue IN THAT (abbey).
ut : (+ subj.) (result) so that, that.
ut : (+ subj.) (purpose) in order that, to, that.
ut : (+ indic.) when, as.
ut : (+ subj.) (command) to, that.
semen : seed, kin.

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