W. B. Yeats   


(01) 01 : "Would it were anything but merely voice!"
     02 : The No King cried who after that was King,
     03 : Because he had not heard of anything
     04 : That balanced with a word is more than noise;
     05 : Yet Old Romance being kind, let him prevail
     06 : Somewhere or somehow that I have forgot,
     07 : Though he'd but cannon--Whereas we that had thought
     08 : To have lit upon as clean and sweet a tale
     09 : Have been defeated by that pledge you gave
     10 : In momentary anger long ago;
     11 : And I that have not your faith, how shall I know
     12 : That in the blinding light beyond the grave
     13 : We'll find so good a thing as that we have lost?
     14 : The hourly kindness, the day's common speech,
     15 : The habitual content of each with each
     16 : When neither soul nor body has been crossed.