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And by this we know that we have known him, if we keep his commandments.
King James
And hereby we do know that we know him, if we keep his commandments.
Louis Second
Si nous gardons ses commandements, par là nous savons que nous l'avons connu
Martin Luther
Und an dem merken wir, daß wir ihn kennen, so wir seine Gebote halten.
et in hoc scimus quoniam cognovimus eum si mandata eius observemus

Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary

in : (+ acc.) into, toward, against.
in : (+ abl.) in.
hoc : (neut. sing. acc.) Break THIS! (fetter).
hoc : (neut. sing. nom.) THIS (monastery) is well-built.
hoc : (neut. sing. abl.) Do not hesistate BECAUSE OF THIS! (doubt).
hoc : (masc. sing. abl.) He gave plenty FOR THIS (field).
quoniam : since, whereas, because.
si : if.