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Jeremiah    Chapter 42   ( 52 Chapters )    Verse 22   ( 22 Verses )    Jérémie    예레미야    old

Now therefore know certainly that you shall die by the sword, and by famine, and by pestilence in the place to which you desire to go to dwell there.
King James
Now therefore know certainly that ye shall die by the sword, by the famine, and by the pestilence, in the place whither ye desire to go and to sojourn.
Louis Second
Sachez maintenant que vous mourrez par l'épée, par la famine ou par la peste, dans le lieu où vous voulez aller pour y demeurer
Martin Luther
So sollt ihr nun wissen, daß ihr durchs Schwert, Hunger und Pestilenz sterben müsset an dem Ort, dahin ihr gedenkt zu ziehen, daß ihr daselbst wohnen wollet.
nunc ergo scientes scietis quia gladio et fame et peste moriemini in loco ad quem voluistis intrare ut habitaretis ibi

Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary

nunc : now, at the present time, soon, at this time.
ergo : (gen. +) on account of, because of.
ergo : (adv.) accordingly, then, therefore.
quia : because.
in : (+ acc.) into, toward, against.
in : (+ abl.) in.
loco : to place, put, position.
loco : to assign, allot, grant, hire.
quem : (masc. sing. acc.) (the man), WHOM the king struck.
ut : (+ subj.) (result) so that, that.
ut : (+ subj.) (purpose) in order that, to, that.
ut : (+ indic.) when, as.
ut : (+ subj.) (command) to, that.
ibi : there.