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Matthew    Chapter 22   ( 28 Chapters )    Verse 20   ( 46 Verses )    Matthieu    마태오복음    new

And Jesus saith to them: Whose image and inscription is this?
King James
And he saith unto them, <Whose is this image and superscription?>
Louis Second
Il leur demanda
Martin Luther
Und er sprach zu ihnen: Wes ist das Bild und die Überschrift?
et ait illis Iesus cuius est imago haec et suprascriptio

Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary

ait : he says.
illis : (plur. abl.) She earned it BY THESE (her deeds).
illis : (neut. plur. abl.) She earned it BY THESE (her deeds).
illis : (neut. plur. dat.) Listen TO THESE (orders).
illis : (masc. plur. dat.) Tell it TO THOSE (Marines).
illis : (fem. plur. abl) A life is enriched BY THESE (friendships).
illis : (masc. plur. abl.) They passed BY THOSE (roads).
illis : (fem. plur. dat.) She gave her property TO THOSE (churches).
cuius : (masc. sing. gen.) (the saint) WHOSE virtues were many.
cuius : (fem. sing. gen.) (the queen), the vices OF WHOM were many.
cuius : (neut. sing. gen) (the building) the size OF WHICH was great.
imago : image, likeness.