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Psalms    Chapter 145   ( 150 Chapters )    Verse 3   ( 21 Verses )    Psaumes    시편    old

Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised: and of his greatness there is no end.
King James
Great is the LORD, and greatly to be praised; and his greatness is unsearchable.
Louis Second
L'Éternel est grand et très digne de louange, Et sa grandeur est insondable
Martin Luther
Der HErr ist groß und sehr löblich, und seine Größe ist unaussprechlich.
in filio hominis cui non est salus

Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary

in : (+ acc.) into, toward, against.
in : (+ abl.) in.
cui : (masc. sing. dat.) TO WHOM did you give it?.
cui : (fem. sing. dat.) IN WHICH (province) did you live?.
cui : (neut. sing. dat.) (the monster), TO WHOM the cattle belonged.
non : not.
salus : health, safety, well-being, salvation /salutation.
salus : safety, help or assistance/ health, wellness, wholeness.