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And another said: I have married a wife; and therefore I cannot come.
King James
<And another said, I have married a wife, and therefore I cannot come.>
Louis Second
Un autre dit: Je viens de me marier, et c'est pourquoi je ne puis aller
Martin Luther
Und der dritte sprach: Ich habe ein Weib genommen, darum kann ich nicht kommen.
et alius dixit uxorem duxi et ideo non possum venire

Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary

alius : +quam = other than.
alius : atque : other than.
alius : aliter : in different ways.
alius : alia : aliud : other, another, someone else, something else.
ideo : for that reason, on that account, therefore.
non : not.
possum : to be able, to be capable.