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Logos Today Archives 2008. 7-9.
2008.9.30.Tue 2 Samuel 24.14 And David said to Gad: I am in a great strait: but it is better that I should fall into the hands of the Lord (for his mercies are many) than into the hands of men.
2008.9.29.Mon Mark 16.1 And when the sabbath was past, Mary Magdalen and Mary the mother of James and Salome bought sweet spices, that coming, they might anoint Jesus.
2008.9.28.Sun 2 Kings 4.14 And he said: What will she then that I do for her? And Giezi said: Do not ask, for she hath no son, and her husband is old.
2008.9.27.Sat Matthew 11.2 Now when John had heard in prison the works of Christ: sending two of his disciples he said to him:
2008.9.26.Fri Leviticus 7.20 If any one that is defiled shall eat of the flesh of the sacrifice of peace offerings, which is offered to the Lord, he shall be cut off from his people.
2008.9.25.Thu 2 Corithians 10.12 For we dare not match or compare ourselves with some that commend themselves: but we measure ourselves by ourselves and compare ourselves with ourselves.
2008.9.24.Wed Psalms 116.18 I will pay my vows to the Lord in the sight of all his people:
2008.9.23.Tue Hebrews 6.11 And we desire that every one of you shew forth the same carefulness to the accomplishing of hope unto the end:
2008.9.22.Mon Proverbs 23.22 Hearken to thy father, that begot thee: and despise not thy mother when she is old.
2008.9.21.Sun Acts 16.26 And suddenly there was a great earthquake, so that the foundations of the prison were shaken. And immediately all the doors were opened and the bands of all were loosed.
2008.9.20.Sat Jeremiah 28.6 And Jeremias the prophet said: Amen, the Lord do so: the Lord perform thy words, which thou hast prophesied: that the vessels may be brought again into the house of the Lord, and all the captives may return out of Babylon to this place.
2008.9.19.Fri Mark 3.18 And Andrew and Philip, and Bartholomew and Matthew, and Thomas and James of Alpheus, and Thaddeus and Simon the Cananean:
2008.9.18.Thu 2 Chronicles 15.15 All that were in Juda with a curse: for with all their heart they swore, and with all their will they sought him, and they found him, and the Lord gave them rest round about.
2008.9.17.Wed Revelations 12.13 And when the dragon saw that he was cast unto the earth, he persecuted the woman who brought forth the man child.
2008.9.16.Tue Habakkuk 2.9 Woe to him that gathereth together an evil covetousness to his house, that his nest may be on high, and thinketh he may be delivered out of the hand of evil.
2008.9.15.Mon Galatians 1.20 Now the things which I write to you, behold, before God, I lie not.
2008.9.14.Sun Leviticus 13.44 Now whosoever shall be defiled with the leprosy, and is separated by the judgment of the priest:
2008.9.13.Sat Titus 1.14 Not giving heed to Jewish fables and commandments of men who turn themselves away from the truth.
2008.9.12.Fri Proverbs 19.19 He that is impatient, shall suffer damage: and when he shall take away, he shall add another thing.
2008.9.11.Thu 1 Corinthians 10.17 For we, being many, are one bread, one body: all that partake of one bread.
2008.9.10.Wed Isaiah 11.16 And there shall be a highway for the remnant of my people, which shall be left from the Assyrians: as there was for Israel in the day that he came up out of the land of Egypt.
2008.9.9.Tue Hebrews 2.13 And again: I will put my trust in him. And again: Behold I and my children, whom God hath given me.
2008.9.8.Mon Ezra 2.14 The children of Beguai, two thousand fifty-six.
2008.9.7.Sun Acts 3.5 But he looked earnestly upon them, hoping that he should receive something of them.
2008.9.6.Sat Deuteronomy 10.17 Because the Lord your God he is the God of gods, and the Lord of lords, a great God and mighty and terrible, who accepteth no person nor taketh bribes.
2008.9.5.Fri Titus 1.10 For there are also many disobedient, vain talkers and seducers: especially they who are of the circumcision.
2008.9.4.Thu Proverbs 15.15 All the days of the poor are evil: a secure mind is like a continual feast.
2008.9.3.Wed Ephesians 2.19 Now therefore you are no more strangers and foreigners: but you are fellow citizens with the saints and the domestics of God,
2008.9.2.Tue Genesis 34.22 One thing there is for which so great a good is deferred: We must circumcise every male among us, following the manner of the nation.
2008.9.1.Mon 1 Timothy 2.11 Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection.
2008.8.31.Sun Matthew 26.50 And Jesus said to him: Friend, whereto art thou come? Then they came up and laid hands on Jesus and held him.
2008.8.30.Sat Judges 21.17 And we must use all care, and provide with great diligence, that one tribe be not destroyed out of Israel.
2008.8.29.Fri Mark 11.12 And the next day when they came out from Bethania, he was hungry.
2008.8.28.Thu Exodus 1.8 In the mean time there arose a new king over Egypt, that knew not Joseph:
2008.8.27.Wed Luke 10.31 And it chanced, that a certain priest went down the same way: and seeing him, passed by.
2008.8.26.Tue 1 Chronicles 24.17 The one and twentieth to Jachin, the two and twentieth to Gamul,
2008.8.25.Mon Revelations 9.17 And thus I saw the horses in the vision. And they that sat on them had breastplates of fire and of hyacinth and of brimstone. And the heads of the horses were as the heads of lions: and from their mouths proceeded fire and smoke and brimstone.
2008.8.24.Sun Joshua 9.6 And they went to Josue, who then abode in the camp at Galgal, and said to him, and to all Israel with him: We are come from a far country, desiring to make peace with you. And the children of Israel answered them, and said:
2008.8.23.Sat Luke 10.13 Woe to thee, Corozain! Woe to thee, Bethsaida! For if in Tyre and Sidon had been wrought the mighty works that have been wrought in you, they would have done penance long ago, sitting in sackcloth and ashes.
2008.8.22.Fri Genesis 33.20 And raising an altar there, he invoked upon it the most mighty God of Israel.
2008.8.21.Thu 2 Timothy 4.13 The cloak that I left at Troas, with Carpus, when thou comest, bring with thee: and the books, especially the parchments.
2008.8.20.Wed Ezekiel 29.10 Therefore, behold I come against thee, and thy rivers: and I will make the land of Egypt utterly desolate, and wasted by the sword, from the tower of Syene, even to the borders of Ethiopia.
2008.8.19.Tue Acts 10.4 And he, beholding him, being seized with fear, said: What is it, Lord? And he said to him: Thy prayers and thy alms are ascended for a memorial in the sight of God.
2008.8.18.Mon Exodus 2.12 And when he had looked about this way and that way, and saw no one there, he slew the Egyptian and hid him in the sand.
2008.8.17.Sun Ephesians 1.14 Who is the pledge of our inheritance, unto the redemption of acquisition, unto the praise of his glory.
2008.8.16.Sat Ezekiel 40.16 And slanting windows in the little chambers, and in their fronts, which were within the gate on every side round about: and in like manner there were also in the porches windows round about within, and before the fronts the representation of palm trees.
2008.8.15.Fri Romans 16.6 Salute Mary, who hath laboured much among you.
2008.8.14.Thu Ezekiel 17.9 Say thou: Thus saith the Lord God: Shall it prosper then? shall he not pull up the roots thereof, and strip off its fruit, and dry up all the branches it hath shot forth, and make it wither: and this without a strong arm, or many people to pluck it up by the root?
2008.8.13.Wed Matthew 12.21 And in his name the Gentiles shall hope.
2008.8.12.Tue Zephaniah 3.8 Wherefore expect me, saith the Lord, in the day of my resurrection that is to come, for my judgment is to assemble the Gentiles, and to gather the kingdoms: and to pour upon them my indignation, all my fierce anger: for with the fire of my jealousy shall all the earth be devoured.
2008.8.11.Mon 1 Timothy 2.5 For there is one God: and one mediator of God and men, the man Christ Jesus:
2008.8.10.Sun Ezekiel 46.9 But when the people of the land shall go in before the Lord in the solemn feasts, he that goeth in by the north gate to adore, shall go out by the way of the south gate; and he that goeth in by the way of the south gate, shall go out by the way of the north gate: he shall not return by the way of the gate whereby he came in, but shall go out at that over against it.
2008.8.9.Sat James 2.2 For if there shall come into your assembly a man having a golden ring, in fine apparel; and there shall come in also a poor man in mean attire:
2008.8.8.Fri Jeremiah 4.26 I looked, and behold Carmel was a wilderness: and all its cities were destroyed at the presence of the Lord, and at the presence of the wrath of his indignation.
2008.8.7.Thu Revelations 19.4 And the four and twenty ancients and the four living creatures fell down and adored God that sitteth upon the throne, saying: Amen. Alleluia.
2008.8.6.Wed Proverbs 10.28 The expectation of the just is joy: but the hope of the wicked shall perish.
2008.8.5.Tue Acts 20.8 And there were a great number of lamps in the upper chamber where we were assembled.
2008.8.4.Mon Psalms 148.2 Praise ye him, all his angels, praise ye him, all his hosts.
2008.8.3.Sun 1 Corinthians 12.10 To another the working of miracles: to another, prophecy: to another, the discerning of spirits: to another, diverse kinds of tongues: to another, interpretation of speeches.
2008.8.2.Sat Proverbs 31.8 Open thy mouth for the dumb, and for the causes of all the children that pass.
2008.8.1.Fri 1 Corinthians 12.29 Are all apostles? Are all prophets? Are all doctors? Are all workers of miracles?
2008.7.31.Thu Revelations 21.15 And he that spoke with me had a measure of a reed of gold, to measure the city and the gates thereof and the wall.
2008.7.30.Wed Proverbs 26.16 The sluggard is wiser in his own conceit, than seven men that speak sentences.
2008.7.29.Tue Matthew 1.6 And Jesse begot David the king. And David the king begot Solomon, of her that had been the wife of Urias.
2008.7.28.Mon 2 Samuel 8.3 David defeated also Adarezer the son of Rohob king of Soba, when he went to extend his dominion over the river Euphrates.
2008.7.27.Sun John 1.8 He was not the light, but was to give testimony of the light.
2008.7.26.Sat Jeremiah 35.12 And the word of the Lord came to Jeremias, saying:
2008.7.25.Fri Luke 24.52 And they adoring went back into Jerusalem with great joy.
2008.7.24.Thu Song of Solomon 5.12 His eyes as doves upon brooks of waters, which are washed with milk, and sit beside the plentiful streams.
2008.7.23.Wed Luke 3.28 Who was of Melchi, who was of Addi, who was of Cosan, who was of Helmadan, who was of Her,
2008.7.22.Tue Psalms 29.1 Bring to the Lord, O ye children of God: bring to the Lord the offspring of rams.
2008.7.21.Mon Mark 12.21 And the second took her and died: and neither did he leave any issue. And the third in like manner.
2008.7.20.Sun Psalms 141.3 Set a watch, O Lord, before my mouth: and a door round about my lips.
2008.7.19.Sat Ephesians 2.19 Now therefore you are no more strangers and foreigners: but you are fellow citizens with the saints and the domestics of God,
2008.7.18.Fri Isaiah 46.11 Who call a bird from the east, and from a far country the man of my own will, and I have spoken, and will bring it to pass: I have created, and I will do it.
2008.7.17.Thu Matthew 20.1 The kingdom of heaven is like to an householder, who went out early in the morning to hire labourers into his vineyard.
2008.7.16.Wed Exodus 34.31 And being called by him, they returned, both Aaron and the rulers of the congregation. And after that he spoke to them,
2008.7.15.Tue John 6.64 But there are some of you that believe not. For Jesus knew from the beginning who they were that did not believe and who he was that would betray him.
2008.7.14.Mon 2 Chronicles 12.11 And when the king entered into the house of the Lord, the shieldbearers came and took them, and brought them back again to their armoury.
2008.7.13.Sun Matthew 21.44 And whosoever shall fall on this stone shall be broken: but on whomsoever it shall fall, it shall grind him to powder.
2008.7.12.Sat Jeremiah 7.33 And the carcasses of this people shall be meat for the fowls of the air, and for the beasts of the earth, and there shall be none to drive them away.
2008.7.11.Fri Mark 5.2 And as he went out of the ship, immediately there met him out of the monuments a man with an unclean spirit,
2008.7.10.Thu 2 Chronicles 11.2 And the word of the Lord came to Semeias the man of God, saying:
2008.7.9.Wed 1 Corinthians 9.17 For if I do this thing willingly, I have a reward: but if against my will, a dispensation is committed to me.
2008.7.8.Tue Psalms 44.1 We have heard, O God, with our ears: our fathers have declared to us, The work thou hast wrought in their days, and in the days of old.
2008.7.7.Mon 1 Corinthians 6.4 If therefore you have judgments of things pertaining to this world, set them to judge who are the most despised in the church.
2008.7.6.Sun 2 Chronicles 29.35 So there were many holocausts, and the fat of peace offerings, and the libations of holocausts: and the service of the house of the Lord was completed.
2008.7.5.Sat John 9.11 He answered: That man that is called Jesus made clay and anointed my eyes and said to me: Go to the pool of Siloe and wash. And I went: I washed: and I see.
2008.7.4.Fri Leviticus 16.10 But that whose lot was to be the emissary goat, he shall present alive before the Lord, that he may pour prayers upon him, and let him go into the wilderness.
2008.7.3.Thu Luke 11.48 Truly you bear witness that you consent to the doings of your fathers. For they indeed killed them: and you build their sepulchres.
2008.7.2.Wed Proverbs 6.2 Thou art ensnared with the words of thy mouth, and caught with thy own words.
2008.7.1.Tue 2 Corithians 6.7 In the word of truth, in the power of God: by the armour of justice on the right hand and on the left: